PCT’s patented nursing care bed certified as the best in the world by
International Application NO,PC /JP/2013/069235

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Kouboh Risyo’s beds have the following features that reduce the burden of care providers as well as caring costs:

1. The right and left sides of the bed are inclined at any angle by remote control.
2. After toileting, washing and drying is performed automatically, eliminating diaper change.
3. The head of the bed and the section beneath the knees of the patient are inclined. The height and length of the bed can also be changed.

Features of the intelligent nursing bed

1. The length can be changed according to the height of the patient. It can be minimized for transportation.

2. The sides of the bed can be inclined to change the body position of the bed-ridden patient to prevent bed sores.

3. The bed can be equipped with an automatic/manual excretion treatment device, which washes and dries the patient after toileting. Diaper change is no longer required. Excretion is dropped into a container placed beneath the bed that also contains the smell, without smearing the pants. Excretion should be disposed of only once a day.

4. When the head of the bed is inclined, the patient often slides down; and most of the weight of the upper body is applied on the sacral area and this position becomes uncomfortable for the patient. To prevent these situations, the section of the bed beneath the knee of the patient can be raised.

5. The height of the bed can be adjusted to make the work of the care provider easier.

6. Users can freely set any height and angles explained in 1 to 5 above as they want. This make this nursing bed the best in the world as certified and registered under the PCT system.


All the adjustments of the bed and operation of the devices can be performed with the simple operation of remote control.


1. Extension of the bed
The bed can be extended in three stages with an interval of 10 cm. Manual extension causes no malfunction.

2. Inclination of the sides of the bed
If the head or the knee sections are already inclined when pressing the button to incline the right or left side of the bed, they will be returned to the original positions before the side of the bed inclines.

3. Automatic excretion treatment device
When excretion is discharged in the rubber cover, it is dropped into a container placed beneath the bed. A plastic bag should be set in the container and replaced only once a day. Diaper change and disposal is no longer required, and even diapers themselves are no longer necessary.
After excretion is discharged, this device automatically washes and dries the patient. This washing and drying functions can also be performed manually when necessary to prevent rashes.


This intelligent nursing bed ensures safety and reliability in the entire care-providing process and is available at reasonable costs. Voices of patients and care-providers have been taken into account and their dignity is considered in the development of the beds. Regardless of the nature of needs, this bed allows all users to keep an independent and dignity life in their familiar environments.